What Will it Take?

Seriously, what does it take for an officer to go to trial when he kills an unarmed person?

Immortal last words:  "I can't breathe."

Immortal last words: “I can’t breathe.”

It certainly doesn’t take the coroner finding the death a homicide.  It certainly doesn’t take an officer using an illegal choke hold.  It doesn’t even take a video of the incident clearly showing the officer choking the life out of a person.

What does an officer have to do to face a trial?

I suppose doing this to a white person might do it.

Once more, the scam we know as Grand Juries was used by the District Attorney’s office to protect its own.  If you don’t know what a Grand Jury is and how it can be abused, please read my previous blog here as well as the one where I explain why the Ferguson one was a complete farce.

Seriously, is it any wonder people are rioting?  Their government is against them.

(The fun part of this, however, is listening to conservatives and libertarians who rail about Big Brother having too much power over our lives bending over backwards to support a militarized police force doing whatever it wants.)


2 thoughts on “What Will it Take?

  1. If this had happened in the Bronx rather than Staten Island, I’d be more surprised by the lack of indictment. It’s my understanding that the chokehold used hasn’t been taught and has in fact been banned by the NYPD for quite some time. I’m therefore hoping that the NYPD will now bring departmental charges (assuming they didn’t wait too long) and that the officer will get kicked off the force or at least have some sort of excessive force charge stick. If he’s charged and found guilty by the NYPD, the NYC Law Department will decline representation in any section 1983 or other type of lawsuit and the Comptroller’s Office will decline to pay the damages, assuming a civil jury finds in the victim’s family’s favor. I would also expect the City to settle with the victim’s family at the 6 or 7 figure level, although given that the chokehold is no longer taught at the academy you could make an argument that there is not a basis for a Monell claim.

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