Oh, NOW we get a Surgeon General

Today, the Senate finally approved Obama’s Surgeon General candidate who had been held up because he had the audacity to say that maybe shooting people isn’t good for their health.  That made the NRA say no, and as we all know, the NRA takes precedence over logic and reason any day.la-apphoto-obama-surgeon-general-jpg-20140204

Might have been nice to have him back when there was the Ebola scare, huh?  Back when Republicans were arguing that Obama had no one in charge while simultaneously stopping him from having someone in charge?  Fortunately, the election ended and Ebola disappeared because Fox News and the Republicans didn’t need to scare anyone any more.  Hooray!  Everyone was saved!

Well, they finally approved him, because there was really no reason not to.  The guy is very qualified.

So here’s to your health.


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