But Sharia Law Wants the Same Thing…

Not too long ago, Alabama residents passed a law saying that Sharia Law will never become part of Alabama’s laws, by gum, despite the fact that it would never happen anyway and such a thing is already prohibited by the Constitution which, you know, has been around for 225 years or so. There’s that very first amendment which clearly prohibits the establishment of any religious law in the country.  MOORE TEN COMMANDMENTS

But gosh darn it, the Founding Fathers didn’t mean to include Christian law! That’s a whole ‘nother thing! (Secret answer: Yes they did, in very specific terms.)

Judge Roy Moore is a shining example of how one can graduate law school and still be as stupid about the law as the day you go in. He’s the guy you may remember who was slapped down by the federal courts and lost his job because he installed a huge monument to the Ten Commandments in the courthouse.

Down there in Alabama, however, they’re still fighting the Civil War. They won’t acknowledge that the Constitution applies to them. So they said “screw you, yankees” and surrounded Judge Moore with the traditional flag of Traitors to This Country (the Confederate one) and praised him mightily. They then elected him to the Alabama Supreme Court, where he now is telling people that despite the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, they don’t have to accept gay marriage in Alabama because God’s law supercedes the Constitution.

He just don’t learn, do he?  “This power over marriage, which came from God under our organic law, is not to be redefined by the United States Supreme Court or any federal court,” Justice Moore told “Fox News Sunday.”  This raises an important question: Is organic law free-range?*

The federal courts have said “Nuh uh” and many of the lower courts in Alabama are now allowing people in love to get married, despite statues of Jesus weeping all over Montgomery. Moore still insists that his god told him to hate gay people, and that was more important than a federal judge.

I can’t wait for the Contempt charges to be filed against this guy. Pass the popcorn!

The ironic part of all of this? Sharia Law also prohibits gay marriage. So it’s not the result of the law that is important to them — it’s which god gets to decide it.


*Trick question!  There is no such thing as “organic law” except what Judge Moore pulled out of his ass.

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