An old joke

There’s an old joke that goes like this:jadehelm2015-martial_law_or_invasion_training

“Why are you banging that drum so loud?”

“It’s to keep the tigers away.”

“There are no tigers within a thousand miles of here!”

“You’re welcome.”

You might have heard of the crazies in Texas who are convinced that a regular military exercise being performed there is actually Obama’s evil plan to have them take over Texas and instill martial law, because, after all, once Texas goes, the rest of the country is helpless. These people think that the military, which swears an oath to the Constitution and not the President, will simply ignore such an illegal order; that the Republicans who have never said “yes” to Obama on anything will simply roll over and agree; that the press won’t contest it; and that liberals — who by definition hate totalitarian governments — will be completely in favor of this scheme.

To make this paranoid delusion even more amazing, these people also believe that they, and they alone, have the power to stop this thanks to their God-given right to their guns — because they and their rifles will be able to hold back tanks, missiles, drones, and the most powerful, best trained military in the history of the world.

They’re really looking forward to it. Some have posted on the internet about how anxious they are to “kill liberals.”  I am not making this up.

But here’s what’s going to happen: Nothing.

And then these same people will bang their drums and brag:

“If it hadn’t been for us being so prepared, Obama would have taken over America by force!  

You’re welcome.”

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