Ho hum, another shooting

Another crazed gunman, another shooting, another day. Big deal, this is America. Happens all the time and no one seems to care any more — or at least, not care enough to want to do anything about it.

Two more innocent victims

Two more innocent victims

And I’m sick of debating it, too, because while there are indeed reasonable gun owners out there, the Gun Nuts shout louder and pay more money to politicians to prevent anything from being done about it.

Yes, I think guns should at least be regulated as much as cars are. No, there is no evidence that more guns means less violence (and in fact, it is the exact opposite). The 2nd Amendment is not absolute and even the Supreme Court says that regulations are Constitutional. No, laws about gun control won’t prevent every shooting any more than laws against drunk driving have prevented drunk drivers — but they do work to reduce gun deaths. There is ample evidence that gun control means less gun deaths and lack of it means more — but for some reason, we’ve decided that lots of people dying is less important than the right of people to own a deadly object without restriction. Go figure.

I’m just tired of arguing with people who can’t see reason — who think their guns are the only thing standing between us and tyranny. Waste of time.

This doesn’t mean I will ever stop trying to solve the problem. I’m just not going to argue with irrational people about it.

I am always more than willing to have a reasonable debate. My positions and arguments are clear — just read the links above. (But if you’re unreasonable and I don’t respond, don’t think that means you won the debate.)

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