Tired of the Gun Control Shuffle

Whenever there was another mass shooting, I used to post about the “Gun Control Shuffle”:

1. Have a mass shooting.

2. Bury the dead and cry.

3. Politicians talk about the need for gun control so this never happens again.gun-deaths-us-other-countries-chart

4. Gun manufacturers, through their lobby group the NRA, warns that the government is out to take everyone’s guns.

5. Gun lovers buy lots of guns because they believe the NRA and the right-wing media.

6. Gun manufacturers’ income skyrockets.

7. Gun manufacturers use this money to bribe politicians through their lobby group, the NRA.

8. Despite overwhelming public support, no gun control passes.

9. Another mass shooting occurs.

Repeat every few months.

However, I found that instead of repeating the Shuffle post every few months, I was doing it every few weeks.  And lately, it seems like I would have to be doing it every few days.

Have you noticed?  Have you noticed how we’ve become so used to it that it hardly even makes the news? That everyone just says “Well, that’s it. There’s another shooting” and then walks away, as if there’s not a damn thing we can do about it?

I guess we as a society have decided that lives just aren’t as important to us as guns are; that there is no number of deaths that will make us do anything about the problem; that we just are giving up and letting the small percentage of gun nuts bully us all into letting them have their way.


18 thoughts on “Tired of the Gun Control Shuffle

  1. It is very depressing, Mike. It scares me. But we have no organization, no money. We need a leader–and we don’t have one. We can’t compete. The game is rigged. I don’t think it’s a case of “deciding” that guns are more important than lives. I think it’s a case of no one knows what to do and we all feel helpless.

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  2. I think is another case of more concerned citizens being massively out lobby-ed by corporate interests (ie – the NRA and other pro guns groups). And Yes I agree, it’s very depressing that reasonable regulations for guns can’t even begin to be put into affect here the US like so many other countries.

    It’s really unfortunate that our current political system is so imbalanced that what the majority of the public is wanting (according to polls) isn’t being implemented merely because corporate dollar$ are speaking louder than individual voices.

    And I’m not so sure that’s what our founding fathers had intended when they set about creating our nation…


    • Our founding fathers intended for us to have the right to bear arms, and even stated that it shall not be infringed. (Awfully close to, “congress shall make no law…” from 1st.) In PA, our constitution uses even stinger wording: “…shall not be questioned.” I think that says it all right there. The reason the bill of rights exists is to protect individual freedoms from the idiots/uneducated-masses that would do dumb things “just because they can” (a.k.a. the manipulated majority chasing a hidden agenda they don’t even understand). There are massive amounts of historical writings from our founders – and lessons from history in general – that clearly show that gun control by government is a bad thing (very dangerous, in fact, according to historical accounts), and that our founding fathers understood this and certainly intended to protect this right nearly above all else, just like freedom of speech/expression, etc. I mean, it was clearly forefront in their minds, as it is the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution. (And, again, in the PA Constitution the wording is even stronger.)

      Not too mention, GUNS HELP TO SAVE LIVES when used in the correct fashion against the correct people. (And while the US may be higher in gun deaths – since we have RIGHTS here – other countries, like the UK, suffer from incredibly high violent crimes rates…just using other weapons! Duh. A whole society of victims.)

      Ok, I’m done. I know this is mostly going to fall on deaf ears anyhow here…
      (It doesn’t matter. I have, and always will have, my guns, plus PA is expanding gun rights right now pretty rampantly ,so I feel like we’re pretty much in the clear from the anti-gun-nuts, at least at the moment.)


  3. All crap. Sorry, but this is just wrong and misleading. Crap statistics, too. God, you are SOOOO on the wrong side of this issue. But no worries. Unlawful local gun laws are being repealed all over PA right now. Statewide, our gun RIGHTS are being expanded. Freedom is winning in this fight. Your rhetoric is old an ineffective. I just don’t understand you, Mike. For a self-proclaimed freedom-lover, you sure don’t mind trying to control everyone and everything. Oh yeah, you’re a democrat. It’s what you do. So wrong…


    • The statistics are accurate, and the main point of the post is pretty spot on too. The main point being that shootings in America are no longer a ‘suprise’. Let’s look at it from the other angle: are you ever surprised when there is a mass shooting reported in Europe? Absolutely. And why: because they happen so rarely that they make the international news. And what happens afterwards: the gun community and the government WORK TOGETHER to make things safer. In America, just as the post says, the reverse happens. You people aren’t free. Free people walk to the mall, to Starbucks, without weapons. Enslaved people shackle themselves to their guns before they leave their homes.

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      • Bull. Complete bulls, but whatever.

        All that evil needs to prevail is for good men to stand by and do nothing.

        Being armed and ready isn’t being “a prisoner”. It’s ensuring/exercising freedoms, and being ready to protect ones’ selves and loved ones is a noble cause.

        I feel very free, and I am usually armed. (Not always, but usually.) I feel rather threatened by those that would want to restrict my freedoms and leave my vulnerable. (Those on the wrong side of the political fence when it comes to firearms-related law.) Sorry, I don’t want to be a victim, and I’m not under the false belief that someone else will protect me when things get bad.

        You, nor the masses, get to make that decision for me. If you actually want to, that kind of makes YOU the “evil” guy that would bully others into compliance. Not going to work on me, and frankly not going to work on most of us that take responsibility for ourselves and our own safely.

        Really twisted thinking you’ve got going there. Scary.


      • So since you are so delusional that you won’t even accept FACTS, where do we go from here? The last mass shooting happened in my country a decade ago: in America – last week. And as to being enslaved by guns, the last time I felt the need to leave my house shackled to a gun was never. You say that you are usually armed: that’s not an expression of freedom. It’s an expression of slavery, or if you prefer cowardice. And the truth: your gun is unlikely to save your life.

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      • First, you are not an American so you don’t share my values and culture – clearly. That said, you can’t and don’t vote here, so your opinion doesn’t really matter to me on this issue…it will NOT change here; not in my lifetime. I certainly don’t us want to be like the rest of the world. We left that European nonsense hundreds of years ago. Good riddance! I’ve travelled a lot. Some nice places to visit for sure; wouldn’t want to live there.

        America has it’s problems, but in reality and all truth be told, it’s still the best place to live in the world by a long shot.

        I love my country and when things are going in the right direction, I’m very peaceful and feel safe. When things aren’t so fun and wrong seems to be taking hold, I will fight it. Politically, and if necessary through other means.

        Like I aid, we’re a peaceful people for the most part. Want our guns? Can’t have ’em. Want to see us not so peaceful? Try to take them. You will lose more than I bet you are willing.

        Foreigners certainly will lively never understand. Some Americans I wonder about, but for the most part the silent majority does not want to be disarmed nor do they want to control everything and everybody. That seems to be the opinion of a very loud, vocal minority that like to THINK (delusional) that they represent most Americans. They don’t.

        Intelligent, educated and free people tend to want to hang-on to the ability to defend themselves. It’s a survival instinct that is GOOD for humanity and should be embraced. There will never be complete peace, but until there is personal responsibility for one’s own well being. I am NEVER willing to sacrifice my freedom for the illusion of security provided by others. To think otherwise if to think feelingly.

        Sometimes bad things happen. I want the advantage, at least a chance, to save myself or another innocent should something terrible ensure where a weapon could make the different between life and death. I am, and always will be, prepared. THAT is part of being an American. I’ve come to this belief after spending 42 years on this Earth exposed to all kinds of people and life experiences.

        Disagree if you wish, but I stand firm in my position.


  4. I really don’t want to start another long string of comments, but I want to know why when someone who has guns hears “gun control” they immediately jump to the final conclusion that those of us who want to try and stop these shootings want to take ALL your guns? Mike never said that. I have never said that–and I never will. I am all for people who want to defend themselves. I am for people who hunt to have hunting rifles. I am for people who live in rural areas and may need protection from wild animals as well as people, and who are far from any help, to arm themselves accordingly. What I want, what I really want, is a way to integrate mental health records with background checks. I want mandatory family gun safety courses for all new gun owners. I want to find some way for new gun owners to be taught to be responsible and not leave their weapons where children, friends, mentally ill people, and thieves can get them. I know we can’t stop it all. But there is more that could be done, and it depresses me that instead of helping find a solution, the gun community sticks its fingers in its ears, shouts, “La La La, I can’t hear you! You can’t have my guns!” and pretends like they are not part of the problem. Because this “war on guns” is largely manufactured and the result of no one being willing to talk, and the gun community not being willing to help police itself. I don’t want your guns–I just want less blood on our streets. Help us figure out how.

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    • What I read from your comments are, “I want, I want, I want… and more control!!!”

      That certain is not what I want. That isn’t freedom. It’s socialism/totalitarianism is the name of fear.

      What you want is how oppression starts. Your intentions are good, but our of ignorance. We can NEVER has that many controls – accept them willingly – and call ourselves free Americans. (Your rhetoric sounds like what the Egyptians told the Hebrews…they disarmed them in the name of peace and protection, and slaughtered them later when it suited.

      I will NECER support laws that restrict a basic right. The right to bear arms is pretty absolute in my view. If you disagree, we will never come to an understanding.

      It doesn’t matter. We will never back down. Freedom before security EVERY TIME. (For giving up freedom for security will result in the loss of both.)

      Don’t be foolish.


      • Sorry about the typos and grammar errors. In a hurry on my phone. I think you still get the gist of it…


  5. LOL, Dan! Yes, your gist was quite clear. But here’s what I still don’t understand. You don’t want anybody to take away your rights–and I don’t want them to. But I have to believe that you are a decent human being who was as appalled by Sandy Hook as I was. Who flinches every time another innocent life is snuffed out by gun violence. If you are such a person who cares, then help us find a way to stop the senseless deaths in a way that is acceptable to you and your gun community. There is more that can be done that does not infringe on your rights–you are intelligent, you know that is true. You don’t like my suggestions, fine. I don’t particularly want to be the one making suggestions. But don’t you see, people are tired of the deaths? If the gun community itself is not willing to step up and suggest how we can help stem the tide, then someone from outside that community is going to eventually try to do it. And you won’t like it, because that person will be making suggestions from a position that lacks full understanding. So you tell us. Tell us how to help stop this–or at least slow it down. I do not think you or the other gun owners I know are happy with the gun deaths happening in our country. Yet whenever I ask gun owners for ideas–ideas acceptable to the gun community–that might help, not one has a single suggestion. So I ask you again, as a responsible and reasonable man who cares that innocent people are dying for no reason–what can we do?

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    • More gun laws won’t change anything or save any lives. The areas in this country with the strictest gun laws amazingly seem to also have the highest crime rates. Are proliferated with gun owners seem to have the lowest crime rates.

      More rules won’t fix anything. They will just erode freedoms.

      The delusional ones are the people that think making more rules forces people to follow the rules. That doesn’t work.

      We need stronger enforcement of laws that are already on the books, not more laws!

      Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. And that’s as true a statement now as ever.

      Fear and emotional-driven responses are foolish. Be free. Stop trying to fix problems with bogus solutions. All that does is make this a worse place to live.

      You’ll never stop another Sandy Hook with more gun laws. That’s completely false, and foolish, thinking.


      • That’s what I thought you’d say. Just to clarify, I’m not asking for more laws. I’m asking for ANY solutions that will help stem the tide. Even a thought on why these types of killings have become so common. But I can see there are no answers to be had here. Thank you for the discussion, Dan. You were passionate but kept it civil, and I appreciate that–it’s rare to find these days.


  6. Just a point of clarification since Dan Lineaweaver seems to have decided that it was about ‘gun control’, in the last part of my statement: “And I’m not so sure that’s what our founding fathers had intended when they set about creating our nation…”, I was actually referring to how I didn’t think our founders had intended for corporations(or legal ‘fictional’ persons) to be able to speak louder than individual citizens through the use of ‘money as political speech’.

    And also as an aside point, like Kerry, I never said anything about “taking away your guns”. I only spoke about implementing *reasonable regulations* for guns. To clarify that point – I don’t have a problem with hunters owning rifles for hunting. What I do have a problem with is things like armor piercing ammo, fully automatic, rapid fire machine gun style weapons with high capacity magazines. I personally think that if you need all that for hunting, you’re a lousy shot at the very least and probably shouldn’t be bothering in the first place. Plus, I also know that most hunters don’t have problem with a cooling off period and decent background checks (which I also support) when buying their guns since their not in rush to go out and commit a crime. But I’m not out to set off another string of back and forth about ‘gun control’ here as I only wanted to state my clarification in case others came to the same conclusion about what I had said in my original post, so I’ll leave things at that. 🙂

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