The Conspiracy that is so Secret Even We Don’t Know We’re Part of It

One of the main problems with being a part of the vast liberal conspiracy is knowing you’re a part of it.

I mean, I never get meeting notices, and I have completely missed instructions as to our secret handshake.Badman

But this conspiracy must exist. So many on the right are convinced that the only way they keep losing arguments and debates is because of the immense and powerful cabal of liberal elites who run the media, politics, and apparently even games and science fiction awards.

“Surely we aren’t losing these battles because we’re wrong,” they say, “or because our views are not shared by the majority of people involved. It clearly has to be because of the vast left-wing conspiracy machine.”

This great and powerful group rivals the Illuminati in what it can get done. For instance, it can make evidence about Benghazi disappear completely, as if there never was any evidence in the first place! In smaller doses, it can use its power to convince a majority of people to do the exact opposite of what the right wing wants, almost as if the majority of people were going to do that anyway.

And how does this conspiracy accomplish these goals? Very subtly, by using an underhanded strategy that has been dubbed by the media elite as “facts.” These “facts” are evil instruments that eat away at our society’s moral center, contradicting the world view that the right knows actually exists — where immigrants are all rapists and the vast majority on welfare are drug users and Obamacare has been unsuccessful. Facts contradict many right wing views, so clearly the fault lies with those who insist on stating facts — that vast and evil conspiracy on the left.

So I am really insulted. Since I am obviously part of that fact-loving majority, I need to know:

When do I finally get my membership card?

(Thanks to Michael Pederson for inspiration for this post)

2 thoughts on “The Conspiracy that is so Secret Even We Don’t Know We’re Part of It

  1. I guess you missed the email from Hillary.

    What I have seen over the past 2 decades is the rightwing descending into a paranoid fantasy where they project their own delusions and actual genuine plots onto the left and center. They launch large plots to mess with voter’s registrations (in Ohio and Florida as I recall) and in turn accuse black people and Democrats of repeated in person voter fraud (despite millions spent, none found). They ignore terrorists who attack the US on Sept 11, despite documented warnings, but it was Benghazi that was the worst attack on US citizens ignored by the current administration, despite endless hearings, investigations and millions that showed it was no such thing.

    We see it locally now with a county DA launching a witch hunt against our Attorney General and after being unable to indict on anything before the grand jury, they accuse her of interfering with the same useless grand jury. And leak the results just before last years election. But it is the liberals who are not to be trusted and must be smeared. We also see it locally with gerrymandering of state and Congressional districts, with the excuse that Democrats do it, though in Pennsylvania it just always seems to only be the Republicans in charge of the Governor, legislative and State Supreme Court whenever the re-districting occurs every 10 years. But its all the fault of the liberals. So instead of our legislature and our Congressional delegation reflecting the large Democratic majority of the state it is lopsided for the Republicans. Damn thieving liberals.

    Mental illness just seems to be pervasive on the right. They have a really bad platform, so they have to defend their evil any way they can.

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  2. It was amazing how everyone seems to be following a script. Did Mike tell you to write this? No. This is also how it has gone for years. There is no script just people who think in a similar manner. No one ever said there was a “cabal”……except maybe Scalzi. Then other people who picked up on the claim that the SPs claim there is a cabal.

    What really is happening is that certain groups who think similarly and mutually promote each other because they believe in shared goals are promoting each other. And they believe each other so much that they do not bother to even fact check what they hear. When news reporters hear these things from people they like and know, they never bothered to contact anyone with the Sad Puppies to verify things. And this is typical of what has gone on for several years. It is also why when the facts were exposed in printed media, they had to issue retractions, for their libelous claims. Yet this did not stop other like minded people like Irene Gallo, from picking up these false claims and continuing these slander in other formats.

    I am not an SP but I have watched from the sidelines as my friends of both sides have blown things far beyond a civil discussion.


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