Let People Pee in Peace

Jesus, let people pee in peace.

Prohibiting trans people from using the bathroom they are more comfortable in is the latest right-wing non-issue du jour. It’s imperative that Fox News and the conservative blogs keep their followers scared, because that gets them to the voting booth (as well as increases ratings).

But the fear is entirely fictional. It’s made up, just like their other false boogeymen voter fraud, Planned Parenthood sells baby partsBeghazi was a crime, the war on Christmas — I could go on. Lies, all of them.cis

Gullible people think this is a huge new threat because the right-wing media tells them it is. Well, here’s a big news flash: Transgender people have been around your whole life. You’ve already shared bathrooms with them. Your fear of them isn’t real.

Why haven’t you noticed? Because transgender people identify with a different gender than they were born with — and they look like that gender, by their own choice.  If you force someone who looks like a man to use the women’s restroom, how does that benefit anyone? Who are we trying to protect here?

“Oh noes,” they yell. “But what if some pervert pretends to be trans just so he can go into a woman’s bathroom so he can peep on people?” (Texas politician and Stupidest Man in Congress Louis Gomert said that he would have lied about it, done that in school, and thus knowingly committed a crime.) Then prosecute the bastard! Make the guilty pay, not the innocent. Seriously, this argument sounds a lot like “We should make women wear burkas because there are people out there who may rape them.” Stop blaming the victim.

So grow up. Treat people with dignity. And let them pee in peace.


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