Lowering the Qualifications

“Oh yeah?” someone posted recently in response to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s inability to name even one foreign leader. “Let’s see how many you can name!”

That’s not the point. I’m not running for President. 

If I was applying for a job with a law firm and they asked me to name one of the amendments to the United States Constitution and I couldn’t even think of one, would you hire me? In your own job, there are things you need to know that I don’t know at all, which is why I would never be qualified to demand to be hired, much less to be hired as head of the entire business.

The President of the United States is, in many ways, the most powerful person on the planet. Shouldn’t there be some specific qualifications for the job?

Imagine you own a huge corporation that has a trillion dollar budget and millions of employees. You’re looking to hire a new CEO to run things. Who are you going to hire — the person who has spent their entire life working in exactly the field in which your corporation does business, who has numerous college degrees, who has definite plans on how to improve your business and who has proven she can work with others to accomplish your corporation’s goals — or the guy who has absolutely none of those qualifications but “tells it like it is”?

This is something I have never understood about politics — how some people are more interested in voting for the “guy they want to have a beer with” instead of the “guy most qualified for the job.”

Of course charisma is part of the job. Qualifications are more than just what is on your resume, and they include having the personality necessary to accomplish your goals. But even the dumbest most incompetent person can have a winning personality.

Last time we elected the “guy we want to have a beer with” we got the biggest terrorist attack on our soil ever, the complete crashing of the economy, and a costly, unnecessary deadly war.

Competence matters.


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