The nightmare won’t end on election day

Let’s face it, Hillary Clinton has one person she will need to thank for destroying Donald Trump on November 8th, and that person is Donald Trump. She isn’t winning by a big margin so much as he is losing by a big margin. I still hold that had the Democrats nominated anyone else, the election would be even more of a wipeout.monsters-trump-2-11864-1450133554-22_dblbig

The saddest thing is that after the election is over, the nightmare that we’ve experienced in this campaign will continue.

The craziest and most extreme Trump supporters, emboldened by his refusal to accept democracy coupled with the Bundy “not guilty” finding, will take arms to the streets under the delusion that treason is patriotic.

The less crazy (including Trump) will yell that the election was fixed despite the possibility that this may be the biggest popular vote blow-out since Nixon defeated McGovern. They’ll fill the right-wing blogs with enough conspiracy theories to keep them busy till the next election.

The Republicans will dig their heels in even more and, since they will probably still hold the House, start impeachment proceedings against Clinton while spending millions more on investigations that will most likely once again lead to nothing.

Dear God, it will never end.

Trump has destroyed much of the Republican party and has done great harm to democracy, and we’re not going to recover from that quickly or easily.


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