Damn right we’re protesting

This isn’t about being a “sore loser.”

It’s about having a President who the majority of Americans voted against who is doing things a majority of Americans don’t want and appointing people a majority of Americans despise.

Damn right we’re protesting.march

The latest Quinnipiac polls confirm it all:

  • We oppose building a wall, 59% – 38%
  • 51% opposes Trump’s immigration ban
  • 70% oppose stopping the Syrian refugees
  • 72% are concerned about climate change, with 59% saying we should do more
  • 56% say Republicans were wrong for blocking Obama’s Supreme Court nominee
  • Opposition to the keystone pipeline is 50% to 40%
  • 50% support more regulations of financial institutions, 37% say no
  • 79% support for NATO
  • 75% believe that discrimination against minorities is a serious problem

As for Trump’s positions himself:

  • 61% do not believe him when he says millions voted illegally
  • 51% believe the immigration ban is discrimination against Muslims
  • 54% say Trump is not honest
  • 58% say he will divide the country even more
  • His approval rating is 42%, the lowest of any President ever so early in their term

He doesn’t represent us — us, the majority of Americans who didn’t want him in there. As President, he is supposed to represent all of us, and take into consideration everyone in America and not just the minority that elected him.

The more he acts as if we just don’t matter, the more we’ll fight back. Not because we’re poor losers.

Because we’re Americans.

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