Trump and Pecker

I feel sorry for David Pecker, the owner of the National Enquirer, I really do. I’m sure he had kids making fun of his name in school and beyond.

But damn, it’s just so much fun to make bad puns today after the announcement that he was given immunity to testify against Trump.


So I challenged my Facebook readers to come up with appropriate headlines.  Here are my suggestions, followed by some of my favorites:

  • Trump Has Problems with Pecker
  • Trump Loses Pecker
  • Trump cannot get Pecker to Cooperate
  • Many of Trump’s Problems Have Originated with Pecker
  • Trump Would Like to Strangle Pecker
  • Pecker Fails Trump At Crucial Moment (Brenda W. Clough)
  • Trump Has No Control Over Pecker (Patti Wigington)
  • Pecker Will No Longer Stand Up for Trump (Trent Direnna)
  • POTUS Panics As Pecker On The Loose (Tony J. Fyler)
  • Trump Unable to Secure Pecker (Terri Lynn Coop)
  • Pecker Causes Presidential Embarrassment (Becky Kyle)
  • Trump Betrayed by Pecker in Porn Star Rub (Liam Colleran)
  • Pecker Starting to Leak (Carl Davies)
  • Trump Dismayed by DOJ’s Huge Pecker Reveal (Thomas Nackid)
  • Trump’s Small Pecker Problem (Simonne Grant)
  • Pecker Unloads on Trump (Dean Herrmann)
  • Trump Rubs Pecker the Wrong Way (James Palmer) 

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