One reason why no lawyer will take your case

As a lawyer, I get calls all the time from people wanting to sue someone. Very few of those cases are taken by my firm.

You see, lawsuits are expensive. And not every hurt you have is worth filing a lawsuit over.

You fell on someone’s sidewalk that wasn’t shoveled and hurt your back? Well, sure, someone else was responsible but did you go to the hospital? Are your injuries permanent? Did you lose work? Are you still in pain? It’s not worth bringing a lawsuit costing thousands of dollars in filing fees, printing costs, and lawyer expenses to win and have the jury decide to award you $50.

Someone insulted you? You were defamed? Sure, but did you lose your job because of it? Are people protesting your home and spitting on you as you walk by? How badly are you hurt? Just because someone lied about you doesn’t mean a lawsuit is worth it.

Now, this is not to say you shouldn’t see a lawyer when you are hurt, especially if you have legitimate hospital bills and other expenses due to the injury. Perhaps a call to the other person’s insurance company will settle everything nicely. Perhaps a minor action can be filed at the magistrate that won’t cost as much.

But I do find myself often telling people that it’s just not worth it.

And now, a warning: Most lawyers in personal injury civil cases will work for a percentage of what they can get for you. They only get paid if they get money for you. They believe the case is winnable and so they’re willing to spend their own money risking it, knowing they’ll recoup that money once the case is won. It also ensures that they’re going to do everything they can to get the largest possible amount for you, because that means more for them as well.

However, some lawyers will take your case as long as you pay all expenses and their fee. This is a sign that they don’t believe you will win the case, so they’re making sure they at least get paid. Don’t hire these lawyers. Oh sure, sometimes they’ll win but maybe the money you’ll get won’t be much more than what you spent to get it.

If no lawyer wants to take your civil case, then maybe it’s just not that good of a case. Be happy that you’re not that badly hurt.

Trust me, every single client I’ve had that was badly hurt and won their case would have been much happier without having to be hurt in the first place. Every one would have traded what we got for them to be healthy again, or to have their dead family member back.

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