GOP, suing Obama over Executive Actions, demand he take Executive Action

To follow up from yesterday’s post where the GOP was suing Obama for using an Executive Order to slow down implementation of Obamacare (the law they had been trying to not have implemented for four years) — today they demanded that Obama do something about immigration “without the need for Congressional action.”

Let’s let that sink in for a minute.

The Republicans are upset that Obama uses Executive Orders (even though he’s used them less than any President since Grover Cleveland).  They sued him over it, and it was for postponing parts of a law they had been trying to kill forever.

Today, Speaker Boehner issued a statement demanding that he use his Executive Order power to do something about the immigrant children.

No, no.  I still can’t wrap my head around it.

Executive Orders are bad — and he should use them more often?  Executive Orders are bad when Obama does things we agree with and good when he does things we agree with?

Cannot … comprehend … does not compute … can’t make sense …Exploding-head

Tyrannical Obama tyrannically uses his tyrannical power to tyrannically force gays not to be discriminated against

He’s done it again.  Obama has once more used his Super Powers granted to him to ignore the Constitution and tyrannically declare in an Executive Order that anyone doing business with the US government is not allowed to fire people for being gay.   dictatorobama

He’s taking away the God-given right of business owners who want to get our taxpayer money for their business to be able to fire taxpayers who just happen to have been born in a way they don’t like for reasons that cannot quite be explained using logic.  How tyrannical!

Why, it’s unprecedented that a President would issue an order limiting who the government gives business to!  Except of course for all the other times Presidents have done it (such as Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon).  Yes, it’s true — we’ve been living in a tyranny for at least 50 years, don’t ya know.  Even under Reagan!

This only affects businesses that do business with the federal government so if you want to hate fellow Americans and discriminate against them, you’re just going to have to do that on your own, buddy — because this is a tyranny.

No, we are not moving toward a tyranny

It’s hard to debate with people who are convinced that the United States is becoming a tyranny.

Does anyone really believe that Obama will say, “I’ve decided to suspend elections and remain President-for-Life”?  Do you really believe the military, who swear an oath to the Constitution and not the President, will go along with this?  Do you think all the politicians who won’t even pass a simple jobs bill for Obama will roll over at this?  Hell, can you imagine Hillary Clinton deciding she’ll go along with it?

It ain’t gonna happen.  But some paranoid people who probably should be taking some sort of medication think that basically “If I don’t get my way, then clearly this country has become a tyranny.”

There are a lot of things our country does that I don’t like.  And I think the President has become much too powerful (but that has been going on for generations).  But the chance of anyone turning our country into a tyranny is next to zero.  Calm down already.

This usually comes up with gun debates.  Gun owners who feel that their rights are being trampled cannot understand that the vast majority of Americans disagree with them.  Even the Supreme Court disagrees with their interpretation of the Constitution.  Only 13% of Americans in the latest Gallup poll think there are too many gun control laws.  49% say there aren’t enough, and the rest think it’s just fine or have no opinion.

As I stated previously, the way you get change in the US is by getting the population on your side and voting in change (through referendum like the ones legalizing marijuana and gay marriage), by electing politicians who agree with your views, or by bringing lawsuits to protect your rights and affect change.ExecutiveOrders_byPresident (1)   Sometimes your viewpoint will lose.  That’s how it works in a democracy.

The latest crap is about Obama’s Executive Orders.  Executive Orders are not mentioned in the Constitution, but have been around forever and the Supreme Court has said they are Constitutional.   There’s one internet story going around about “Obama’s 932 Executive Orders” which is a complete pack of lies (whoever wrote that hopefully was wearing flame-resistant pants).  Further, he’s issued less Executive Orders than many of the Presidents before him.

So just calm down.  There are indeed issues concerning our personal rights and liberties that we should be worried about with the government.  But we’re not going to become a tyranny.

EDIT:  Obviously, this was written during the Obama presidency. I no longer hold to this belief.