Stop using anecdotes to prove your argument!

Stop it, seriously. It doesn’t work, and you’re making yourself look foolish.

Using anecdotal evidence to support your argument is a popular but wrong way to win a debate. Examples would include: calvin_arguing1

I know a guy who wasn’t wearing a seat belt in an accident and he came out better than if he had been wearing one, so therefore seat belts are bad.

I personally have experienced and met people on welfare who are lazy bums abusing the system, so therefore most people on welfare are like that.

My insurance rates went up, so therefore Obamacare is terrible because it requires insurance rates to go up.

It’s been the coldest month ever, so therefore there is no global warming.

I had a flu shot but still got the cold, so therefore vaccinations don’t work.

I know some (insert ethnicity/sex/sexual orientation/religion here) who are (insert insulting description here) so therefore they are all (insert insulting description here).

See where this leads? Is this the kind of argument you want to be making? Aren’t you smarter than that?

Nothing is 100%. Seat belts are good only 99% of the time. Vaccinations don’t stop diseases in every single instance. The vast majority of people on food stamps are not cheats and they really need them.

The next time you do this, I am going to point to you and say, “This person is an idiot based on the anecdotal evidence I am seeing in their most recent post.”

And hopefully, you’ll get the irony.

*  Note:  I mostly made this post so that I can link people to it whenever they try to make that sort of argument.  Feel free to do the same.