Bernie supporters once again show their ignorance of election laws

Look, I support Bernie, I really do, but some of his supporters really embarrass me. It’s bad enough that they don’t understand how primaries or superdelegates work and constantly complain about it, but then they go sharing videos like this:

“PROBLEMS INSIDE PA POLLING STATION 4/26/16 Philadelphia Democratic Primary. This is illegal!! Were these advertisement ballots handed out to confuse voters near (or perhaps inside) the polling place with broken machine? Bernie Sanders is not on these Ballots. People are supposed to use Paper ballots there and they’re being mislead!

Ignoring the spelling errors, let’s discuss why this obnoxious person has no idea what he’s talking about.

First of all, this is a typical campaign flyer handed out on election day. It lists the candidates that the local party has endorsed. This is done all the time. There is nothing wrong with it.

It only shows who the local party wants you to vote for. You can throw it away and ignore it.

Yes it doesn’t list Bernie. It doesn’t have to. He wasn’t endorsed by the local party that printed this flyer. The flyer also doesn’t list all of the Senate candidates and all of the Attorney General candidates and all the other candidates that were not endorsed.

Bernie could have done a similar flyer had his campaign wanted to.

The guy in the video who whines that this is illegal because it doesn’t list Bernie is absolutely wrong.

He’s also absolutely wrong when he complains that the people handing out the flyer are supposed to be 150 feet away from the polling place. 150 feet? Are you crazy? That’s like so far away that you couldn’t even say hi to people going into the building to vote. Pennsylvania law requires you to be 10 feet away, not 150 feet.

Pennsylvania law, by the way, also prohibits recording someone against their knowledge. Just sayin’.

And the comment that accompanied the video claiming that Philadelphia uses paper ballots is an absolute lie.

Further, the video does not make it clear where the actual polling place is. If he’s still 10 feet away from the entrance to the room where they vote, then there is nothing illegal going on here.

Look. I was actually elected as a Judge of Elections here in Pennsylvania. And I’m a lawyer. I had to know all this stuff and had to enforce it on election day.

This is a flyer. People are allowed to take notes and flyers into the booths. This is not the same thing as carrying in a sign or wearing a button.

Seriously, BernieBots. You’re making us look bad. Please find out what the law is before you go claiming it’s been broken, and please don’t lie about paper ballots and other things. You can’t take the high road while being dishonest and misleading. Let’s win by having the best candidate and the best issues.