Can’t be global warming with all this snow, amiright?

Here we go again.

Let’s try to simplify this.   

If the planet’s temperature goes up a few degrees, that means more water evaporates from the ocean.  The ocean covers 3/4ths of our world, so that’s a lot of water.  When there is a storm then, it is often gigantic.  Hurricanes can be much worse than before, and snow storms can be huge. underpants-gnomes

Will this happen every single time?  Of course not.  But when you look at enough numbers, the answer is clear.

It’s like tossing a coin.  If it comes up heads 90% of the time, it’s probably a trick coin or something is unbalanced.  You don’t look at the 10% of the time it comes up tails and say “Aha! Look, it came up tails. That proves you’re wrong. The coin is balanced.”

We’ve had record heat the last few years, with summers pushing the temperatures to record levels.   In fact, it was just a few weeks ago that we had record warm December days, remember?  Further, in Australia, where it’s summer now, they are experiencing record heat waves.  Despite all this, at no time has a climate change denier said, “Wow, I guess I was wrong.”  But have a cold spell and suddenly they’re all saying, “See?  There’s no global warming!”

Ridiculous.  If you bring up the record heat, they say “Well, that’s one example;  it doesn’t prove climate change.”  Then they turn around and use one example to try to deny it.

Sorry, guys, but I’m going to believe the vast majority of climate scientists as opposed to a bunch of people who have no experience in it and who claim that all the scientists are part of some huge conspiracy.  Apparently, they believe that the scientists are operating under Underpants Gnome logic:

Step One:  Make up data to make people think there is climate change.

Step Two:  ????

Step Three:  Profit!!!