Preaching to the choir

Not too many conservatives read this blog.  That doesn’t surprise me — I don’t read too many conservative blogs, either.



And that might be the problem.

An old friend commented to me the other day that a recent post wasn’t the best way to gain converts to my cause, given my sarcastic treatment of those on the right.  I replied that I never expected it to, as I didn’t see them as my target audience anyway.  (Seriously — if I were invited to do a guest blog on a conservative site, the tone and argument presented would be completely different.  I do know how to convince people who are not on my side.  I am a trial lawyer, after all.)

But he’s right about one thing:  While these posts may give me a chance to vent (“Hi, I’m Mike Vent Fella”), they’re not designed to be appreciated by those who disagree with me.

And that’s true all over the internet.  Liberals watch MSNBC which confirms the biases they already have, and conservatives watch Fox which confirms the prejudices and idiotic nonsense they believe.  (See?  I did it again.  I can’t help it.)

Is there a solution?  Probably not.  I don’t mind reading conservative commentary when it is reasonable, but too often, these conservative blogs are insulting and demeaning and I give up before I get too far.

Which is probably what conservatives think when they read mine.

Idiot Who Wants to Swear Oath to Constitution Has Never Read It

Dr. Ben Carson, who has never studied Constitutional Law in his life but has studied medicine and still thinks life begins at conception, recently declared that Congress has the Constitutional authority to remove judges just because they don’t like them.

Most Americans aren’t aware of this Congressional power “because they don’t know the Constitution,” he said.  Exactly where in the Constitution is this power? He didn’t explain. Probably because it’s not there, I dunno.    Obamacare-27

Anyway, Bennie here thinks that judges who rule in favor of gay marriage should be removed because they made an unconstitutional decision. Let’s see, who decides whether a law is unconstitutional according to our Constitution? Is it the judicial branch? No, of course not. It’s Dr. Ben Carson.

Carson, who also believes Obamacare is Unconstitutional, has previously spoken about how wonderful it would be if Congress loved the Constitution like they used to. He then cited Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd as shining examples of people who loved the Constitution — you know, those two senators who were members of the KKK and believed that the Constitution only applied to white people. Those guys. (Yes, you can now do some psychoanalysis on Dr. Ben if you wish.)

And this guy is on the short list of Republican Presidential possibilities.

I am not making this up.

Obama acts like Democrat, approval soars

Since the November election, Obama seems to have gone into a “screw you guys, I’m doing what I want” mode.  He said he’d veto the Keystone pipeline, support free college education, work for policies to fight climate change, argue for gay marriage before the Supreme Court, raise taxes on the very wealthy, and allow illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.  Tie that into his policies that removed us from a recession and thrown us into the lowest unemployment rate and strongest economy we’ve seen in many years.

Does this man look worried?

Does this man look worried?

And whaddya know.  His poll ratings have risen faster than any time since bin Laden was killed.   He’s now got a 50% approval rating, which is very unusual for a president in his final two years.  And it might go even higher.

And no wonder.  As I’ve pointed out before, the main problem Democrats have is that they shy away from issues that are supported by the majority of the public.  They get cowed down by bullies on the right and instead of saying, “Damn right I support health care for all and higher taxes on the wealthy.  The question is why don’t you?” they wimp out, lose their backbone, and then they lose elections.  And the politicians in the last election who didn’t wimp out won.

A majority of Americans (61%!) support Obama’s plan for free college educations for student who get good grades.  A majority supports Obamacare.  A majority are in favor of abortion rights, gay marriage, and legalization of marijuana.  A majority wants Citizen’s United overturned and think that the very wealthy should pay more taxes.  These issues are not radical liberal dreams.  They are mainstream, and politicians who embrace them will find favor with the public.

Give the people what they want and they’ll like you.  I mean, duh.