My impersonation of a Texas politician

Here’s my impersonation of a Texas politician:

“That goldurn Obama keeps sending the national guard and military down here! texasHe wants to take over Texas! The national gummit is big and scary!”

Same politician, two weeks later:

“Goldurnnit, Obama, we need you to send the national guard and military down here to help us with the flooding! We need the national gummit to help us against things that are big and scary!”

Non-consensual child molestation is OK; it’s not like it was consensual gay sex after all

Guy-who-will-never-be-President Mike Huckabee knows exactly what God wants. God wants him to run for President. Not only that, God forgives his big supporters, the Duggars, who knew about child molestation going on in their family and prayed away the crime. Case closed!huck

Yes, for everyone else, the law would come down hard on them but these are Mike’s pals and he made sure the judge he appointed had ordered the police to destroy the report.

After all, it’s not like we’re talking about that icky gay stuff now, are we? The Duggars, on their TV show, argued that we can’t have gay rights because those gays molest children. They were saying that, without a hint of irony, while their son was molesting their very young daughters.

Huckabee doesn’t think that this is such a big deal. He agrees it was a bad “mistake” (his words, not mine) but thinks that God has forgiven the molester and so we should too.

And the victims? Well, too bad. Huckabee doesn’t care about victims. Michael Brown, a victim, was, after all, a “thug” in Huckabee’s words. Coincidentally, so were the peaceful Ferguson protestors who, unlike the Duggars, could never be forgiven. I wonder what made those people different in his eyes?

The good news is that conservatives who actually stand for something are abandoning Huckabee in droves. “You’ve lost my support,” say many Christians who had previously stood behind the rabid preacher.

Not that it matters much anyway. He has no chance of winning the nomination, much less the Presidency. But it is important to see how many of these people think — consensual sex between two loving adults is a bad, unforgivable sin and should be illegal; nonconsensual sex with a minor is forgivable and the law should ignore it.

Memorial Day 2015

For Memorial Day, I thought I’d just post some cartoons, and remind everyone to always remember the true purpose of the day.


Nebraska gets rid of the death penalty

Nebraska just became the 19th state to get rid of the death penalty.

This is notable for two big reasons. First, Nebraska is not known as a hotbed of liberal views. Second: this was done by the legislature and not by one governor declaring that there would be no more death penalty in his state (like Pennsylvania’s new Governor Wolf did soon after taking office). And it wasn’t just a simple majority vote — The legislature passed this with enough votes to override a veto.death

More and more, people are realizing that it is time America joined the rest of the civilized world in getting rid of uncivilized punishment.

There is absolutely no doubt that innocent people have been killed by this penalty. Those who insist on keeping it are basically saying they don’t care — that it’s better to kill one innocent person than it is to imprison a guilty one for the rest of his life.

Our system of justice is not perfect. Until we have a system that is 100% free from error we should not have a penalty that is 100% irreversible.

Right now, America shares the death penalty with such great democracies as China, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, and Sudan. It’s time we distanced ourselves from the bad guys.