Businesses must be free (except when they do things we disagree with)

“Yeah, gimme a pack of Marlboro Lights.”

“Sir, this is a Foot Locker.  We only sell shoes here.”

“What?  But that’s illegal!  You have to sell me cigarettes!”

So we find another gross injustice and example of discrimination in American society.

This has brought about some questioning from the media. “How can a business decide to not sell a legal product?” asks a reporter from Fox News. (Ha ha! I really didn’t need to add the “from Fox News” part, did I?)

Anyway, Miss America pageant contestant and Fox News “reporter” Gretchen Carlson was quite upset about CVS’s decision to no longer sell cigarettes.

cvs"Businesses need freedom!"  Fox News continually shouts. "A business owner shouldn't have to answer to anyone about their internal decision-making … Except when they decide things we here at Fox don't like.  That's different."

I think the real reason Fox is so upset is because President Obama applauded CVS for taking this position. And as we all know, if Obama is in favor of anything, Fox News is legally required to oppose it.

I anxiously await the day Obama proclaims that "breathing is good."

One thought on “Businesses must be free (except when they do things we disagree with)

  1. Beyond the basic freedom of products(not selling birthcontrol at a pharmacy or bait and switches), I do not see any possible issue. I don’t even see this as a grand step in favor of health, just a publicity stunt to compete with other drug stores.

    I grew up with blue laws, so I fail to see the terrible inconvenience. You have to go to a grocery store AND a liquor store for rum cake supplies, I just don’t see the need to be able to by tobacco, liquor, porn and baby bottles in the same store. They are called errands. You make a list, you plan a route, you buy what you need.


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