Ted Cruz and the Constitution

Supporters say that they like Ted Cruz because he “supports the Constitution.”

What bullshit.ted-cruz

Ted believes states should decide civil rights issues such as gay marriage (which, of course, he opposes). Rights should not be voted on. That’s the same argument the segregationists gave and they were wrong too. For Cruz to claim the Constitution allows states to deny basic rights shows that he doesn’t understand the Constitution.

He also does not support the 1st Amendment, especially the Establishment Clause. He’s constantly bitching about how religion is under attack — you know, the whole fake War on Christmas crap — and there’s a reason he gave his announcement the other day at a college that teaches the world is only 6000 years old.  Cruz hates the Constitution, because it prevents him from forcing kids to be taught his church’s creationist story in public schools.

Cruz passed laws when in Texas having to do with immigration which Texas has no power to regulate, and has said that states have the right to do so despite the Supremacy Clause.  That’s hardly the reaction you’d get from someone who “respects the Constitution”. He proposed something called “interstate compacts” wherein states could get together and nullify federal laws they don’t like. You know, ’cause that worked so well for the confederates before.

As for rights of criminals, he was one of many who fought to take away the rights of American citizens who were suspected of terrorism, despite the Constitution’s guarantees. Sadly, he wasn’t alone there, but that hardly makes him a lover of the Constitution.

And you know that part of the Constitution that says the president signs treaties? Cruz supported the GOP Iran letter, so it’s clear that he has no respect for the Constitution’s separation of powers in these matters. (Of course, if it was a Democrat doing that to a Republican President, he’d be screaming “treason”).

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