Another non-scandal excites Trumpettes

Let’s see.

Days before the election, FBI Director (and Republican) James Comey announced that there were new emails involving Hillary Clinton.247be87d-7c13-4cd2-885a-9bebad10bd5a-jumbo16x9_ap16147060028688secofstate

He has not seen these and has no idea if there is anything in them.

The emails are not from Clinton’s server, and apparently are mostly between Clinton and her campaign staff.

Such an FBI announcement is unprecedented and prosecutors everywhere are calling it inappropriate and an obvious political move, as there is no legal reason to announce an investigation before you have even looked at the evidence.

Hillary has called for all of the emails to immediately be released so everyone can see that there is nothing incriminating or illegal in them — just like there was nothing incriminating or illegal in all the other emails that have been released.

Meanwhile, Republicans who gleefully jump on this are happily supporting a man who has a rape trial and a fraud trial scheduled within the next few months.

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