The truth about Trump’s rape trial

While Republicans claim that a bunch of emails that no one has ever seen are evidence of some unknown and random felony, Trump’s lawyers are getting ready to defend the man against child rape.donald-ivanka-trump-throwback-photo-ftr-1.jpg

Yeah, tell me again how “they’re both the same.”

But then again, as much as I hate Trump, I love facts more. Is there anything to this rape trial?

I briefly looked into it and here’s what I found.

First off, this is a civil trial, not a criminal trial. It’s about money. It’s not being brought by a prosecutor. The anonymous victim first filed this in California, where it was dismissed for technical reasons having to do with service, and then refiled it in New York, where it is set for pre-trial conferences in December. (If Trump were a Democrat, the GOP would have already spent millions on an investigation into this by now.)

Apparently, this victim had been “searching for a lawyer” which is a bad sign — if this was an easily provable case, there would be plenty of lawyers lining up for it. A patent lawyer eventually took the case.  Mmm-kay.

The lawsuit stems from an alleged incident during parties held by Jeffrey Epstein where Trump was in attendance.  The suit is against both men.

Epstein has spent more than a year in jail on child molestation and is a registered sex offender. He’s settled other similar cases from his victims. And Trump is an admitted sexual abuser — I’ve had clients who have been found guilty of the things Trump has claimed to have done (and which have been confirmed by more than a dozen victims now). My clients are on Megan’s Law list.

Trump’s treatment of women is well known, and it’s believable that he could have done something like this. That doesn’t mean he’s guilty, but you have to admit it kind of fits into this kind of personality. It’s not like he’s a raging feminist — the man has commented sexually about underage girls before more than once and let’s not forget his creepy comments about his own daughter.  “Women,” he has said. “You have to treat them like shit.”

It’s also not the first time he’s been accused of rape, either.

So while this lawsuit looks a bit suspicious, Trump fits the profile of a man who would do this.  Doesn’t mean he’s guilty, of course. We shall see what happens.





4 thoughts on “The truth about Trump’s rape trial

  1. In an earlier article, the alleged victim said she had trouble finding a lawyer because Trump had already gained a reputation for throwing enough lawyers of his own at a case that people either gave up because of costs or settled.


  2. Much of the problem stems from the DAs refusing to take a big wealthy man to court, esp when it’s an underage child who is brow beaten, physically terrified, and called every name in the book. Look how he lies, blatantly, about things everyone knows are lies (except his “basket” supporters). And the time limit on filing is ridiculous for child victims who are too frightened to even tell their parents let alone the law. When women know THEY will be treated like a pariah, not their attacker, and will be raked thru the mud nationally and even internationally, most won’t prosecute.

    Until men stop supporting other men for this brutality.. the good ole boy pack…nothing will change. Women should be ruling in every country and then things would change big time!


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