Cruz Control

Senator Cruz has been practically giddy with the government shutdown. As a man who has never seen a government program he liked that did not involve regulating women’s reproductive rights, this has been a lifelong dream.

“And why stop here?” the Senator asks. “If this works, we can force Obama to get rid of other laws that have passed. Why limit ourselves to just laws that have passed and been upheld by the Supreme Court in the past two years? The Civil Rights Act, Social security, votes for women — the list is endless!”

“I never realized that people who hate government could possibly try to destroy that government once elected,” said one clueless voter.

Other clueless voters have different views. “Our government may be destroyed, we may lose our place as the richest country in the world, and we may never again have the respect of the world when it comes to our good credit, but at least in exchange we’re letting poor people without health insurance die, right?”

Cruz sees no problem with his venture, and thinks it fits perfectly with his idea of the desires of the Founders. “Simply because the law was passed and signed by the President and then upheld by the Supreme Court and has already been implemented despite our 43 failed votes to repeal it doesn’t mean we can’t keep fighting to get rid of it,” he says. “As every schoolchild knows, once a bill becomes a law that doesn’t mean it gets implemented.”

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