My Favorite “Fool” posts

Sometimes my blog posts are just silly, sarcasm-filled rants, and I usually think they’re obvious enough that you can tell. Once in a while, however, someone writes to me, “Is this true?”

So here, for April Fool’s Day, are a few of my favorites:

Man in Dress Says Gay Marriage Will Harm his Non-Marriage : Taking marriage advice from the pope?  Sure!  Who’s better qualified?

Latin?  As in Latin America? :  Make a state motto in Latin?  Clearly the work of them damn ferners!blog-woodyallen-111811

Ted Cruz replaced by wacky inflatable tube:  Just as effective!

Nation’s bigots subject of hate-filled intolerance:  How dare we criticize bigots?  Aren’t we supposed to be tolerant?

South Carolina Joins the 21st Century;  Senator Graham has the Vapors :  And hits his head on the closet in which he lives.

How to Speak Republican:  Lessons to GOP politicians on how to take good news for America and make it sound bad.

Cruz Control:  Giddy over the government shutdown, Cruz plans other ways to destroy the country.

Tyrannical Obama tyrannically uses his tyrannical power to tyrannically force gays not to be discriminated against:  The clear sign of tyranny is giving more rights to people.

Hero of the Day:  Governor Rick Perry sure is a hero when it comes to photo ops.

Why won’t they vote for us? :  Republicans try to figure out why those sinful gays and illegal Mexicans don’t want to vote for them.

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