Ye Olde Double Standard

Trump: “I like to brag about grabbing pussies against their will and walking into underage girls’ dressing rooms. And I don’t apologize for it.”

GOP: “What a guy! Let’s elect him our leader!”

Franken: “I posed for a funny picture where I pretended to grope a sleeping woman. There were witnesses, a photographer, and I’m clearly doing it for humorous effect. I apologize completely for my crude actions, and hope everyone will forgive me for this.”

GOP: “He needs to resign immediately!”


We are the majority

While the United States currently appears to be a right-wing oligarchy, keep in mind that our government has been taken over by people who do not represent us and do not care about us.

We are the majority.flag_diversity

In six of the last seven Presidential elections, a majority of Americans voted for the Democrat.

A majority of Americans support Obamacare.  (This is especially true if you call it “the Affordable Care Act.”)

A majority thinks gay marriage,  abortion and marijuana should be legal.

A majority supports more gun control.

A majority wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and do not believe that “corporations are people.”

A majority want to raise the minimum wage and do something about campaign finance reform.   (And a majority support amending the Constitution to overturn the Citizen’s United case).

And, of course, a large majority are against Donald Trump, by one of the largest margins in American history. He hasn’t even finished a year and he has become the most unpopular President since they started polling people.

That’s why I have been complaining here about wimpy Democrats who refuse to discuss these issues.  They’re winning issues!  They are “mainstream America.”

As our country becomes a plutocracy, it’s even more important that Democrats take a page from Teddy Roosevelt and come out swinging against the monopolies, corporations, and billionaires who have ruined our country in the same way they did during Roosevelt’s time.  (Before you point out that Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican, please learn some history.  The Republican party was the liberal party back then — the party of Lincoln.)

So why do we lose? Gerrymandering, voter suppression, the electoral college, and Citizen’s United all play a part. Republicans appointing judges who stay in office forever and who rule against us also contributes.

But it’s also our fault. We don’t vote like they do.

When we do come out and vote (like we did when Obama was on the ballot) we easily win, and we win the lower races, too, where it’s needed. (A President can’t do everything by himself — we need Democrats in all levels of our government.)

So this Tuesday, you’d better not be sitting at home. You need to go out and vote. I don’t care if it’s just for dog catcher, you need to send a message. You need to fill our government with people who do not support this current regime, who will help our causes at all levels.

And if you don’t vote, then you’d better not be complaining.

The Democratic Witch Hunt

Mueller is a registered Republican, appointed by a Republican Attorney General, approved by Republicans in Congress.

So clearly this is a Democratic witch hunt.


The Clinton Distraction Game

Well, Trump is in trouble again, and that means it’s time for the Republican’s favorite pastime, the Clinton Distraction Game!

“The Whitewater scandal! That’ll get them!”

(Millions of dollars later)

“Okay, but THIS time we got them! The Vince Foster scandal!”

(Millions of dollars later)_42289464_clintons_afp416

“Okay, so there was nothing there either. The Clinton sex scandal!”

(Millions of dollars later)

“Okay, so no crimes were committed. Benghazi! This time for sure!”

(Millions of dollars later)

“Fine, fine. Hillary’s emails! Hoo boy, we got her good now!”

(Millions of dollars later)

“So maybe there was nothing with the emails.  But Clinton and the Russians! We can’t lose this time!”

(etc. etc. ad infinitum)

It’s difficult to have Republican friends these days

I certainly used to have Republican friends. In fact, I even voted for Republicans in the past. Why, in the 90s, I even voted for William Weld for Governor of Massachusetts because he was (believe it or not) more liberal than the Democrat who was running.

Hard to believe that there used to be liberal Republicans as well as conservative Democrats.


cartoon by David Horsey

But thanks to gerrymandering, Fox News, and Citizen’s United, those days are gone. The GOP has gone farther right than anyone would have ever expected and the Democrats have moved right with them.

Issues that would have been considered moderate when I was younger are now thought of as radical liberal ideas. Just look at Europe, Canada, and Australia for examples. Their “conservatives” would be liberals here in America. It’s not that the rest of the world has moved to the left so much as we have gone so far off to the right as to be unrecognizable to the rest of the civilized world.

Many of my more reasonable conservative friends no longer call themselves Republicans, because even they see that it has gotten out of control. How can they support a party that embraces hatred, bigotry, homophobia? How can they support a party that decries diplomacy, that promotes huge deficits, that wants to install a Christian theocracy? How can they support such a childish, incompetent President?

And that’s why I just cannot honestly call Republicans “friends” any more. It’s why I won’t vote for any Republican, even if it’s just for dog catcher. Unless you convince me that you are trying your best to change the party and rid it of Trump and the alt-right, I have to assume that you approve of what the party is doing.

And if you approve of the party that only cares about rich, white, straight, Christian men; that does not speak out against nazis marching in our streets; that thinks guns are more important than lives; that wants to take away the rights of non-Christians — then I’m not sure how we can be friends.

We have the money!

The United States is the richest damn country on the planet. We can afford it. 

Republicans constantly complain that we can’t afford health care coverage for all, or dozens of other programs that we, the people, could use to make our lives better. Yet somehow they always find money for the things they want…uncle sam money

One estimate says that if we had a national health care program, it would cost $600 billion. Wow! That’s a lot of money! “We could never afford that!” say Republicans.  (Oh, in a completely unrelated matter, here’s an article about how Republicans today passed a bill giving the military $700 billion this year.)

We apparently have an infinite budget when it comes to defending Americans against foreign attacks, but a minor one for protecting us against illness and disease.

Another study shows that if we just raised taxes on the super-wealthy back to levels we had under President Eisenhower, we’d gain $276 billion a year right there.

The fact is that we have the money — we’re like a family that has said, “Sorry, kids, we can’t afford to get your teeth fixed because we have spent all our money on these 30 cars we don’t need and gave the rest to your rich uncle.”


Bitching Solves Nothing

Recently overheard conversation:

“I can’t stand Trump and can’t believe he is our President!”

“Did you vote?”shut-up


“Did you vote?”

“Well, no, but–“


When bad things happen to good people, sometimes it’s because of blind luck or things way beyond our control. But when bad politicians get elected or pass laws we don’t like, this isn’t because of luck. It’s because we let them get away with it.

You have to get involved if you want to complain about things. You have to make the difference. This is true not only in politics, but in life. If you bitch about how you have a terrible job and no one loves you and the world is screwing you over and you do absolutely nothing to change that, then whose fault is it?

Have you ever read history and thought “If I were alive during the civil rights movement, I would have been marching next to Martin Luther King, Jr.”? Have you ever thought “If only those people had stood up to Hitler earlier, World War II wouldn’t have happened”?

Well, history hasn’t stopped. Now’s your chance to prove you weren’t just spouting off at the mouth. Don’t just bitch and complain — do something!

In many states, there are primary elections coming up. Get out and vote. Even in these small elections (and in fact, moreso), your vote really counts. Even if you don’t know anything about the candidates, go out and vote against the Republicans. Don’t think “Oh, it’s just the County Dog Catcher, who cares what party he’s in?” If he’s a Republican, that means it’s very likely he supports what our President is doing or he wouldn’t be a Republican. And even if he doesn’t, every Republican you elect helps the party grow, raise money, and push its agenda.

Posting memes on Facebook to your friends who probably already agree with your political views accomplishes nothing except making you feel good.

Do something! Participate in a march! Write your congressman! Run for office! Donate to groups that are fighting Trump and his agenda! (May I recommend my favorites:  Planned Parenthood, The American Civil Liberties Union, and American Atheists.)

And don’t ever let me hear you complain if that’s all you’re doing.