The real threat

This week, radical right-wing white males killed or tried to kill Democrats, innocent black people, and Jews in their place of worship.

Republicans: “Look over there! A bunch of poor brown people coming this way! Be very very scared!”


cartoon by Rob Rogers

Stop taking Trump’s bait

Look, I get it. All the stuff I learned getting my Political Science degree means nothing any more. All the experience I got running campaigns and working for candidates is meaningless. Trump has thrown all the rules out the window, because his followers don’t care.

It used to be that you could confront lies with the truth, but no more. When a Trump supporter holds a position contrary to the facts, presenting them with the facts does nothing. They don’t care. They just double down and fight harder, while screaming “fake news” and whining about the “mainstream media.”1535630063840

Better that we just ignore them and laugh at them.

Elizabeth Warren should have taken this to heart when Trump said he’d donate a million dollars if she had native American blood in her. So she took him up on it, proved him wrong, and how did Trump respond? By saying “who cares” and lying about whether he even made that offer.

It’s easy to prove Trump wrong (again) because there is video of him saying this, but the point is this: It doesn’t matter. Not one Trump supporter is now going to say “Well, I guess Trump was wrong. We should all apologize and he should pay that money.”

So don’t take the bait. When a Trumphead screams online in a debate, demanding “proof”, they don’t mean it. You can link to dozens of scholarly articles and facts and they’ll just ignore you.

You have better things to do with your time than talking to a wall.


Dear Mr. Trump: “Treason” is when someone acts against the interests of the United States … NOT when they act against the interests of the President. All those people who work in the government? They took an oath to the Constitution of the United States, NOT to the President.

Sometimes, acting against the interests of the President is the patriotic thing to do.

treason thing.

Trump and Pecker

I feel sorry for David Pecker, the owner of the National Enquirer, I really do. I’m sure he had kids making fun of his name in school and beyond.

But damn, it’s just so much fun to make bad puns today after the announcement that he was given immunity to testify against Trump.


So I challenged my Facebook readers to come up with appropriate headlines.  Here are my suggestions, followed by some of my favorites:

  • Trump Has Problems with Pecker
  • Trump Loses Pecker
  • Trump cannot get Pecker to Cooperate
  • Many of Trump’s Problems Have Originated with Pecker
  • Trump Would Like to Strangle Pecker
  • Pecker Fails Trump At Crucial Moment (Brenda W. Clough)
  • Trump Has No Control Over Pecker (Patti Wigington)
  • Pecker Will No Longer Stand Up for Trump (Trent Direnna)
  • POTUS Panics As Pecker On The Loose (Tony J. Fyler)
  • Trump Unable to Secure Pecker (Terri Lynn Coop)
  • Pecker Causes Presidential Embarrassment (Becky Kyle)
  • Trump Betrayed by Pecker in Porn Star Rub (Liam Colleran)
  • Pecker Starting to Leak (Carl Davies)
  • Trump Dismayed by DOJ’s Huge Pecker Reveal (Thomas Nackid)
  • Trump’s Small Pecker Problem (Simonne Grant)
  • Pecker Unloads on Trump (Dean Herrmann)
  • Trump Rubs Pecker the Wrong Way (James Palmer) 

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Discriminating against assholes

There is a massive nazi/right-wing march this weekend in Washington for some reason. Like these people have something to complain about with the Trump administration?  Who knows with these idiots?

Anyway, many restaurants, taxi services, and businesses are refusing to serve these people.

“But wait,” the stupids reply. “You left-wingers object when we want to refuse service to gay people because we don’t approve of their choices, yet here you are refusing service to us for the exact same reason!”

Their inability to understand the difference is the root of the problem.a2668b92-7c26-4736-b568-feb08d471e03-ax098_4a00_9

You should not be discriminated against for two major things: (1) Things you have no control over (such as your sex, race, country of origin, and sexual orientation); and (2) Your religion or lack thereof (because that is specifically in the Constitution).

But choices you make?  That’s not protected, especially when those choices could have an affect on the business itself.

Just like a business can say “No shoes, no shirt, no service” it can refuse to accept someone who will hurt their business or cause a scene. Remember that Trump supporter that went into a gay bar just after the election mostly to rub the election results in the face of everyone else there? Kicking him out may have prevented a fight and certainly he wasn’t there just to enjoy the food.

People who run these businesses in Washington DC have many minority employees. They have people who seriously could be threatened by these yahoos who, last time they had a rally, killed innocent people.

While I support the right of nazis to march, because I don’t want the government deciding who gets free speech and who doesn’t, I also support the right of citizens to make these nazis’ lives as difficult as possible.



A perfectly treasonable explanation

It’s amazing how real, solid evidence (including indictments, arrests, convictions and guilty pleas) will not convince these people but the wildest conspiracy theories are swallowed whole without a thought.

Trump supporters are still chanting about Hillary while Trump stands with Putin and, despite the findings of the FBI, CIA, and every intelligence organization in his own country, claims that there was no Russian interference in our election.

Amazing, isn’t it?

(Mind you, I’m a criminal defense attorney, so I’m used to guilty people doing their best to discredit the police. I’m just not used to the President of the United States doing it.)

Trump meets with Putin in Helsinki, Finland

Putin’s look is one of a man thinking “I’ve got Trump’s balls right here in my pocket.”  (Photo credit: KEVIN LAMARQUE / REUTERS)

Here’s the thing (as I’ve said before):

It’s one thing to be ignorant. That’s not the same thing as being stupid. Everyone is ignorant of something. I’m ignorant of sports teams, fashion, and nuclear science.

But ignorance can be cured with education, and knowing you are ignorant of something is good.

The sin is in being willfully ignorant — in refusing to seek out facts or refusing to acknowledge them because it might change your already held opinion.

But the Trump people refuse to believe, despite the indictments and guilty pleas already handed down.  Instead of believing Mueller, who helped to bring Enron, Gotti and many mafia gangsters to justice and whose reputation is untarnished, they rely on Fox News or Trump, whose reputation for truth and facts is undeniably absent.

Sometimes I think this isn’t really a fight between right and left or right and wrong but informed and ignorant.

An Amazing Coincidence!

July 27, 2016: Trump looks at the camera and says ““Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing” thus inviting a foreign country to commit espionage against an American candidate.

July 27, 2016, late at night (according to today’s indictments): Russia hacks into the Democratic party’s computers.

What an amazing coincidence!

(Just to make sure it’s even more blatantly obvious, you know who Trump’s campaign manager was on that day? Hint: he’s now sitting in jail, accused of colluding with Russia.)

The only good thing about this is that whenever some Trump supporter claims there has been no Russian interference with our election, I can now say “But her emails!”