Obama: Always wrong

While I agree with the criticism of Obama that says he should have gone to France, it’s not because Fox News is telling me I should be thinking that way.

As anyone with a brain should realize, Fox News would be criticizing Obama no matter what he did.  This meme I found this morning says it best.10292546_345735465618252_1548211399035240147_n

As we know by the way they are criticizing Obama because gas prices are too low, it doesn’t matter what Obama does — Fox News will find a way to make it look bad. (His wife once said we should all drink more water to be healthy and they attacked her for saying that. I am not making this up.)

The content of the Cartoons isn’t the Issue

Some people who have commented on the killing of the cartoonists in France have pointed out how terribly offensive those cartoons were, not just to Muslims but also to women, gays, and liberals. “It’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull,” they say, with the unspoken implication that these cartoonists knew what they were getting into and as such, probably should have censored themselves and then they would still be alive.6a00d83451df0c69e200e54f1f57c28834-800wi

Well, a bull analogy is appropriate, but instead it should be about the bull’s smelly by-product.

Free speech is annoying. It is obnoxious and insulting, and someone will always be offended.

Tough. No one deserves to be attacked like that for what they say. Even the idiots at Fox News have every right to spout nonsense, insults, and lies.

We have to protect speech we hate or else the concept of “free speech” is meaningless. Speech we all agree with doesn’t need protection.

I admire the French here. They have stood up to these murderers, and have said that they won’t give in. The magazine is continuing to print without any change in their editorial process.

Sony Pictures could learn something from them.

The French Cartoonist Massacre

The murder of cartoonists in France points out again the difference between Christian and Muslim extremists.  When people criticize Christians, the Christians scream that they are being persecuted and otherwise make ridiculous claims that anyone who questions their beliefs or makes fun of them are intolerant or evil. But Jesus Christ, they don’t go out and murder the people who said it!

While the vast majority of Muslims in civilized democratic countries do not agree with such actions, the fanatics from the more militant branch of the “religion of peace” are still stuck in the middle ages.  (Let’s not beat around the bush here:  Christians did these same sort of terrible things hundreds of years ago as well.)  I am happy to see so many French Muslims decrying this and denouncing this action.

But I can’t explain such hatred, ignorance, and evil.  So, since I clearly love editorial cartoons, I’m going to post some of my favorites concerning this tragedy.