Poll Shows No Support for Trump

Let’s face it, a majority of Americans didn’t want Trump, don’t agree with the Republican platform, and hope that he’ll fail in his goals. More importantly, they don’t believe the lies coming out of the White House.

For the GOP to pretend otherwise is not surprising of course, since they are the party of “Alternative Facts” and fake news.Donald Trump

The newest PPP Poll shows this clearly.  In every single matter, Trump loses. Seriously, the public is not on his side about anything.

He starts off with the lowest approval rating of any newly elected President ever (since they started doing these polls). The majority of respondents think he’ll be a worse President than any we’ve had since Nixon.

Only 18% believe Trump when he falsely claimed that his inauguration crowds were bigger than the Women’s March a day later. 17% believed the fake news claim that George Soros paid these people to march. (Hey, I know a lot of marchers who would be upset to learn this, because they didn’t get a cent.)

59% want to see Trump’s tax returns, with 54% supporting a law requiring all candidates to release their returns. 61% want him to completely divest himself from all his business interests.

When it comes to whether they trust Trump, respondents chose the intelligence agencies, CNN and even The Today Show over our “President.”  Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway scored even lower, if you can believe that.

Vladimir Putin, by the way, has a 67% unpopularity rating with only 10% saying they have a favorable opinion of him. Russia itself has only a 13% approval rating. Just saying.

Only 34% want to see the wall built. Only 30% want to repeal Obamacare completely, with a plurality supporting it.

Of course, Republicans will once again attack the messenger and claim that the highly respected PPP poll is biased or something. This is to be expected. Ignore them as you do any other time.

Trump and the Hookers

Let’s assume the current rumors about Trump and the hookers is false (which it probably is).

Can I still revel in the schadenfreude of the whole thing — that a man who spent the last eight years pushing lies about Obama not being born in America now has to deal with his own fake news stories? That people are believing this even though we currently don’t have any proof of it at all?tad-quote

And, just in case they are true, allow me to say this:

Remember when I blogged “Look, the issue isn’t the word ‘pussy’ it’s the word ‘grab.'”?

In this case, the issue isn’t the words “golden showers” — it’s the word “hooker.”

Seriously, the words “President of the United States of America” and “hooker” should never appear in the same sentence.

(By the way, “Trump and the Hookers” is a good name for a band.)

We, the People, rejected you. Stop lying about it.

Look, Trump people. We rejected you. We rejected you by a large amount — almost 3 million votes. On the chart of “winners” of our elections, Trump is the Biggest Loser. The next on the chart is George W. Bush, who lost by half a million.

The people said loudly and clearly that they don’t want you or your policies. loser

You only won because of an ancient loophole we’re stuck with — something that should have been removed long ago.  This is like a baseball team getting the most runs but losing the game because of a 100 year old rule that says that the team who has the best uniform wins, decided after the game by a group of people who are biased in favor of one team.

That is nothing to be proud of, and it is certainly not cause for you to lie and claim that you have a mandate to destroy everything the majority of Americans specifically voted against you not to destroy.

If there is a mandate, it is for the exact opposite of what you claim.

But then again, look at your leader — a lying ass who only cares about himself, who has spent his entire life cheating the system to get what he wants, by declaring bankruptcy as a business strategy and by suing everyone until he gets his way. What did we expect, huh? Of course you have no problem with abusing the system to serve yourself.

And the saddest thing is this:  You don’t give a damn. You’re proud of your dishonesty. You’re more than happy to screw over the majority of Americans as long as you get what you want. Hell, that’s basically the platform you ran on.

So don’t act all surprised that we say “Screw you, we didn’t choose you.” And don’t act all pure and innocent when we point out that America rejected you.

We’re not poor losers — we’re the winners. You got off on a loophole, you weaselly bastards, and there’s no way to spin that into support.

Thin-skinned babies want to punish flag burners

Freedom of Speech is meaningless if it only protects speech we all like.

Trump, soon to be known as “the Tweeting President,” has declared that people should be jailed for burning the American flagflagburning.jpg

People who claim to be patriots (but who don’t quite grasp the concept) are cheering him on, pointing out that burning the flag is an insult to America and the veterans who have fought for what the flag stands for.

Well, duh. Of course burning a flag is insulting. So is standing on a corner with a sign saying “God Hates Fags.” They know it’s insulting when they do it. That’s why they do it.

But America has thicker skin than Trump, who spends more time thinking about how much he can’t stand Saturday Night Live than he does going to necessary intelligence briefings.* America knows that we can take the insults, because we’re better than that.

And we know that if we start banning speech we don’t like, then it may be our speech they come after next. The Founding Fathers knew that when they wrote the 1st Amendment. The Supreme Court knows that, as they have ruled many times. You have to protect speech we hate. Speech we all agree with doesn’t need protecting.

So if you really believe in freedom, if you really are a patriot, then mean it. Stand for what the Constitution guarantees. Don’t make exceptions.

Don’t be a thin-skinned baby who can’t take an insult — you know, like the immature child that a minority of us chose to lead us.

*I am not making that up

What we don’t understand about Trump supporters

Of course not all Trump supporters are nazis or racists.

However, they all apparently don’t have a problem with supporting a candidate who is supported by nazis and racists.


cartoon by David Horsey

It’s that indifference that is what the rest of us can’t understand — a sort of selfishness that says “Meh, I’m not Muslim or black or gay or anything, so why should I care?”

“You should support the President-elect!” scream Trump’s followers — you know, the same ones who from day one did everything they could to discount and insult Obama’s presidency. But blindly following a President simply because he is President is the opposite of patriotism.

This is not about disagreeing with his political positions. This is not about debating tax policy or foreign policy. This is about how he and his cabinet treats other human beings.

Look, no one is arguing for an insurrection or treason against Trump. We are the loyal opposition.

And boy, are we in opposition.

How the Electoral College skews our perceptions

“This was a clear sign from the people against the policies of the Obama administration!” scream the pundits, as they point out Trump’s win as evidence and pat themselves on the back for such a wise assessment while hoping no one remembers what they had predicted a week earlier.

Meanwhile, Clinton’s lead in the popular vote nears 2 million. Had a few of those million been in a couple of states (or if we never had an Electoral College), she would be the next President right now, and you can bet each of those pundits would instead be saying “This was a clear sign from the people in favor of the policies of the Obama administration!”

By concentrating only on who won, we ignore the big picture. Trump won not because a majority of Americans wanted him in there — in fact, a clear majority did not. He won by a Constitutional loophole we call the Electoral College.

He has no mandate. While there was clearly a movement on his behalf, it was a movement rejected by most of us.

And for those of you out there who are whining and complaining about Trump but who either voted for a third party or didn’t vote at all, I just have one message for you:


I want Trump to fail

I know it sounds unpatriotic to want your President to fail, but based on what he has promised to do, yes, I hope he fails.

I hope he fails to appoint Supreme Court justices who overturn Roe v. Wade.

I hope he fails to dismantle the Consumer Protection Agency.derp-trump

I hope he fails to repeal Obamacare, which will inevitably lead to rates going up even higher and many people losing their insurance.

I hope he fails to get rid of the treaties we have with other countries to fight climate change.

I hope he fails to eliminate medicare and medicaid.

I hope he fails to have gay marriage overturned.

I hope he fails to deregulate the banks, which always leads to an economic collapse and millions of people being screwed out of their life savings.

I hope he fails to have Muslims register and to keep them from immigrating.

I hope he fails to continue to privatize our jails.

I hope he fails to build a wall between us and Mexico, and I hope he fails in his attempts to deport millions of Americans.

I hope he fails in the same way I hope Darth Vader fails, the same way I hope Voldemort fails, the same way I hope all bad guys fail.

I hope he fails in his attempt to destroy the things that have made America great.