Grunt! Oog! Obamacare bad because written by women and minorities!

Me just caveman lawyer. Your modern world confuses and frightens me. But me know one thing:  Obamacare bad because written by white women and minorities.

At least three of these people will probably disagree with the idea that women don't understand the Constitution.

At least three of these people will probably disagree with the idea that women don’t understand the Constitution.

This, almost literally, is what the chief lawyer who argued recently before the Supreme Court about Obamacare said.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he said that this law was different because it was written by “white women and minorities.”  If you can understand why that makes it different from any other law, please enlighten me, but apparently, to Attorney Michael Carvin, that makes it suspect and clearly unconstitutional.  As we all know, we need white men making these decisions about our laws.

Hey, if nothing else, the fact that the people who hired him see nothing wrong with this statement tells you what kind of people are behind this latest attempt to overturn the will of the majority.

Veto perspective

“Obama is a dictator” they scream once again, this time because he has vetoed the Keystone pipeline, which a majority of Americans don’t want but the Koch Brothers do (and we all know who the Republicans listen to).  Vetoes, as we know, are a complete sign of dictatorship even though they are specifically provided for in the Constitution.  Strange that.

Here is where I point out the number of vetoes Obama has used in his term and compare that with those of his predecessors.  Come on, you knew that was coming:

  • Obama:  3
  • GW Bush: 12
  • Clinton:  37veto
  • GHW Bush: 44
  • Reagan:  78
  • Carter:  31
  • Ford:  66
  • Nixon:  43
  • Johnson:  30
  • Kennedy:  21
  • Eisenhower:  181

This looks a lot like that chart showing how Obama has used less Executive Orders since Grover Cleveland, doesn’t it?

Admittedly, Obama hasn’t had to use as many vetoes over the years, but that’s mostly because this has been the Congress that has passed the least amount of bills ever.




Obama refuses to fight hatred with hatred

Can you believe this guy?  Republicans surely can’t.  Here we are, being attacked by extremists who hate us all without reason and want to kill everyone in specific groups, and Obama absolutely refuses to reciprocate by doing the exact same thing back to them!  cmimg_22296

I mean, it’s almost as if he doesn’t want to be revealed as a war-mongering hypocrite or something.

Just look at the things he has said:

They are not religious leaders, they’re terrorists. And we are not at war with Islam. We are at war with people who have perverted Islam…

The terrorists do not speak for over a billion Muslims who reject their hateful ideology. They no more represent Islam than any mad man who kills innocents in the name of God represents Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or Hinduism. No religion is responsible for terrorism, people are responsible for violence and terrorism.

Then he calls out Muslims who do not strongly fight against these extremists.

Muslim leaders need to do more to discredit the notion that our nations are determined to suppress Islam—that there is an inherent clash of civilizations. Everybody has to speak up very clearly that, no matter what the grievance, violence against innocents doesn’t defend Islam or Muslims, it damages Islam and Muslims.

So you can see why conservatives are up in arms over outrageous statements like this!

You can see, can’t you?

Then could you please explain it to me?

Obama acts like Democrat, approval soars

Since the November election, Obama seems to have gone into a “screw you guys, I’m doing what I want” mode.  He said he’d veto the Keystone pipeline, support free college education, work for policies to fight climate change, argue for gay marriage before the Supreme Court, raise taxes on the very wealthy, and allow illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.  Tie that into his policies that removed us from a recession and thrown us into the lowest unemployment rate and strongest economy we’ve seen in many years.

Does this man look worried?

Does this man look worried?

And whaddya know.  His poll ratings have risen faster than any time since bin Laden was killed.   He’s now got a 50% approval rating, which is very unusual for a president in his final two years.  And it might go even higher.

And no wonder.  As I’ve pointed out before, the main problem Democrats have is that they shy away from issues that are supported by the majority of the public.  They get cowed down by bullies on the right and instead of saying, “Damn right I support health care for all and higher taxes on the wealthy.  The question is why don’t you?” they wimp out, lose their backbone, and then they lose elections.  And the politicians in the last election who didn’t wimp out won.

A majority of Americans (61%!) support Obama’s plan for free college educations for student who get good grades.  A majority supports Obamacare.  A majority are in favor of abortion rights, gay marriage, and legalization of marijuana.  A majority wants Citizen’s United overturned and think that the very wealthy should pay more taxes.  These issues are not radical liberal dreams.  They are mainstream, and politicians who embrace them will find favor with the public.

Give the people what they want and they’ll like you.  I mean, duh.

Obama: Always wrong

While I agree with the criticism of Obama that says he should have gone to France, it’s not because Fox News is telling me I should be thinking that way.

As anyone with a brain should realize, Fox News would be criticizing Obama no matter what he did.  This meme I found this morning says it best.10292546_345735465618252_1548211399035240147_n

As we know by the way they are criticizing Obama because gas prices are too low, it doesn’t matter what Obama does — Fox News will find a way to make it look bad. (His wife once said we should all drink more water to be healthy and they attacked her for saying that. I am not making this up.)

Lower gas prices? Thanks, Obama!

Not really.

Seriously, the President has very little power over gas prices. When gas prices were high, Obama was criticized for it, and his reply was something along the lines of “Don’t you think if I could do something about this, I would? Why would I be happy gas prices are high?”

Those are the facts.

"Our plan is simple. We lower gas prices, which will lead to Americans dying.  Muhahahahaha!"

“Our plan is simple. We lower gas prices, which will lead to Americans dying. Muhahahahaha!”

Facts, however, have never stood in the way of Fox News, which has to spin every story to make Obama look bad, no matter how good the news really is. When gas prices were high, they were ruining the economy and it was Obama’s fault. Now that they’re low, they’re going to cost human lives and it’s Obama’s fault.

I am not making this up.  Fox is warning its paranoid idiotic viewers that Obama is going to kill you because gas prices are low. Why? Well, that’s harder to figure out. Apparently this will lead to war over gas when Russia and Iran attack us for our oil or something. It’s not very clear. The only understandable message is “Obama wants to kill you.”

Despite every single prediction Fox News made about Obama, the United States economy is stronger than it has been in many, many years. Unemployment is at  its lowest, growth is higher than it was under Reagan, the Dow is at an all-time record high, and consumer confidence is at a peak.

If a Republican were in office now, they would be naming airports after him and trying to put him on Mount Rushmore.


Obama refuses to stereotype toys

Here’s another reason to like our President in general, even if you disagree with his policies.

The president was participating in the Marines’ “Toys for Tots” campaign and was donating gifts. When you donate, you place the boy toys in one bin and the girl toys in another. Mr. President was having none of that. He distributed the toys equally between the two boxes. He placed basketballs, sports toys and lego toys into the girl’s bin. “What, girls don’t like toys?” he responded when questioned.

Obama has raised two wonderful, educated, polite, and respectful girls with a wife he obviously loves. When Republicans criticize him for not supporting “family values” I just shake my head.

So Merry Christmas, boys and girls! May you play with whatever toy you want without someone telling you that the toy is a “girl’s toy” or a “boy’s toy.”