Trump a cocaine abuser?

People are saying that Trump abuses cocaine. That’s why he was sniffing so much during the debates. I’m not saying it, but some people are. Reliable people. Credible sources. People who would know. Believe me. Questions are being raised. Sad.14469546_10155410130908306_5529874775037840631_n

Trump should take a drug test. And we need to see the long forms of this drug test to be sure.  Why won’t he? Hiding.

An extremely credible source has told me Trump uses cocaine. Extremely. No more apologies.

Media silent. They know. Believe me.

People tell me, I know. They tell me they need to know. I’m just reporting, don’t blame me. This could be huge.  There are people out there who say this is all a lie and not true. So why won’t Trump submit to a drug test then? What is he hiding? I don’t know, I’m just asking. Sad.

(Thanks to Dan Kimmel for inspiration here)


Why do people believe conspiracy theories?

While working on my next novel, I spent some time researching conspiracy theories.  Why do otherwise reasonable people believe in them, and especially the ones that are so easily debunked?

What I found was that conspiracy theories provide a comforting way to explain evil in the world.  Like people who find comfort in their religion, conspiracy theorists find comfort in knowing that evil can be explained, that it’s done by someone else, and therefore they cannot be held responsible.  It’s a simple answer to a complex world.

Belief in grand conspiracies is not limited to political view.  I have some liberal friends who are convinced that George W. Bush masterminded the 9/11 attacks, aliens are hidden in Area 51, and that the moon landing never happened.  They are just as convinced in their view, despite all evidence to the contrary, as the right-wingers who are certain that Obama was born in Kenya, that the government is going to take everyone’s guns away, and that something illegal happened in Benghazi.  (I still haven’t figured out what exactly they claim is the conspiracy with that last one, but they’re convinced it’s one nonetheless).

At a press conference yesterday, one of the loonies grabbed the mike and warned us all that 9/11 was a government plot.  Gee, thanks, Crazy Man!  Without you telling us, we would have never have taken such a claim seriously.  Your wonderful presentation has turned believers into all of us.

If you find yourself as one of these believers, please ask why you are so willing to accept these things without proof.  (Ha ha!  I’m joking, of course.  These guys all think they have “proof” and we’re just too stupid to see it — or more likely, we’re all part of the conspiracy, too!  Dun dun DUN!)

Now do not read this post to mean that I think there are no such things as conspiracies.  Of course there are — businesses conspire to set prices, drug pushers conspire with police officers to make sales and not be arrested, and so on — people conspire every day.  I am referring to the huge major Illuminati-type of massive conspiracies that logically just cannot exist.

Another case for the Birthers

You know those Birther people – the ones who claim that Obama can’t be a legitimate President because his father wasn’t an American? This despite the fact that he was born in America, and his mother was an American from Kansas (and as we know any child born of an American is a “natural born” American)?

Donald Trump and a bunch of others won’t let the issue go, convinced that this should have kept him from being President.

Well, now there’s another person thinking of running for President. Get this — we have absolute proof that he was born in Canada, and he doesn’t even deny it! Worse yet, his father was a non-citizen from Cuba! Clearly, all the Birthers are falling over themselves to prevent him from being President, using the exact same logic they use against Obama!

Oh, wait. This person, Ted Cruz, is a Republican. And a conservative. And white (well, Latino white, so that’s close enough.)

That makes all the difference in the world.