Brian Williams and the Double Standard

Brian Williams’s story about what happened to a helicopter  he was on changed over the years, and become more exciting each time.  He finally admitted that he had exaggerated and apologized, and has taken a leave of absence from his job as host of the NBC Nightly News.  As he should.Brian-Williams-cc-565x318

His job requires him to be believable.  It’s a requirement.  We expect our news to be true, and if we cannot believe the newscaster, it puts all of the rest of the news in question.

But what really makes me angry is the response from the right, and Fox News people especially, who are about ready to storm Rockefeller Center with pitchforks and torches.  Really?  Come on now, Fox News lies purposely constantly, and is called out for it on many legitimate and unbiased media watchdog sites.  They even lie about being “fair and balanced.”

If Brian Williams was on Fox instead of NBC, he’d still be secure in his job.

No, all lies are not the same.  “That dress doesn’t make you look fat” is not the same thing as “There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and therefore we should go to war.”

The lies told by Williams are not equivalent to Fox telling its viewers that Obamacare has killed jobs, or that Obama never called ISIS a terrorist organization, or that the vast majority of climate scientists think climate change is a hoax, or that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii, or … geez, I could just go on and on.  They’re documented pretty fully in plenty of places for anyone willing to check.

If you don’t believe that Fox lies, then I guess their propaganda has worked pretty darn well, hasn’t it?  There’s one born every minute, and Fox is more than happy to take advantage of your gullibility.

And that’s what makes me angrier about this than just being misled by Williams.  It’s the blindness on the right to the meaningful, easily disproved lies that come from their preferred news source.

Most of the left is upset with Williams and want him to leave over this minor infraction (me included).  Not one person on the right has called for the removal of any of the liars on Fox.


Obama: Always wrong

While I agree with the criticism of Obama that says he should have gone to France, it’s not because Fox News is telling me I should be thinking that way.

As anyone with a brain should realize, Fox News would be criticizing Obama no matter what he did.  This meme I found this morning says it best.10292546_345735465618252_1548211399035240147_n

As we know by the way they are criticizing Obama because gas prices are too low, it doesn’t matter what Obama does — Fox News will find a way to make it look bad. (His wife once said we should all drink more water to be healthy and they attacked her for saying that. I am not making this up.)

Lower gas prices? Thanks, Obama!

Not really.

Seriously, the President has very little power over gas prices. When gas prices were high, Obama was criticized for it, and his reply was something along the lines of “Don’t you think if I could do something about this, I would? Why would I be happy gas prices are high?”

Those are the facts.

"Our plan is simple. We lower gas prices, which will lead to Americans dying.  Muhahahahaha!"

“Our plan is simple. We lower gas prices, which will lead to Americans dying. Muhahahahaha!”

Facts, however, have never stood in the way of Fox News, which has to spin every story to make Obama look bad, no matter how good the news really is. When gas prices were high, they were ruining the economy and it was Obama’s fault. Now that they’re low, they’re going to cost human lives and it’s Obama’s fault.

I am not making this up.  Fox is warning its paranoid idiotic viewers that Obama is going to kill you because gas prices are low. Why? Well, that’s harder to figure out. Apparently this will lead to war over gas when Russia and Iran attack us for our oil or something. It’s not very clear. The only understandable message is “Obama wants to kill you.”

Despite every single prediction Fox News made about Obama, the United States economy is stronger than it has been in many, many years. Unemployment is at  its lowest, growth is higher than it was under Reagan, the Dow is at an all-time record high, and consumer confidence is at a peak.

If a Republican were in office now, they would be naming airports after him and trying to put him on Mount Rushmore.


Disrespecting the military

There are some conservatives who claim they love the military and respect our veterans while cutting their benefits, sending them off to die in needless wars without proper equipment, and literally insulting them on their jobs.  Primary among these hypocrites are the idiots at Fox News — who scream about how Obama’s coffee salute demeans the military while then, within a few minutes, making sexist and demeaning comments about the military.  

Jon Stewart describes it better than I ever could (start around 4:00 in).  Sorry, WordPress won’t let me embed the video:


Veterans aren’t standing for it either.  In an open letter to Fox News, they write: 

Thus the skill of women as fighter pilots is well established. And before you jump to the standby excuse that you were “just making a joke” or “having a laugh,” let the men amongst our number preemptively respond: You are not funny. You are not clever. And you are not excused. Perhaps the phrase “boys will be boys”—inevitably uttered wherever misogyny is present—is relevant. Men would never insult and demean a fellow servicemember; boys think saying the word ‘boobs’ is funny.

Saudi Arabia’s daily beheadings

Saudia Arabia has been beheading people lately at a rate of one a day, and then displaying the bodies in public for everyone to see.

The beheadings have included such terrible crimes as “sorcery.”

Some of the beheadings are a way for the government to show strength, to discourage those who wish to bring democracy and reform to this country.

Why isn’t there mention of this in the US Press?  Shouldn’t we be outraged by this?

Oh, right, they’re our allies.  Because oil. Saudi

Well, surely Fox News will say something, because if for no other reason, it will make Obama look weak for not — what’s that?  Fox News is partially owned by one of the Saudi Princes?

Well, that must be pure coincidence.  Why would Fox News, a network owned by a Saudi Prince and an Australian, want to constantly attack America and our President, and make us look bad in the eyes of the world, thus diminishing our influence?

Wait a minute…

No Benghazi conspiracy, say Republicans

Hey, remember that terrible Benghazi conspiracy that was going to bring down the Obama administration?  The one that was an evil, illegal conspiracy because … well, they never actually explained that part, but it was certainly terrible because Fox News told us it was.

Well, guess what?  Here’s the funny thing.  The Republican-controlled Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives finally concluded, after years of investigations, that golly gee, I guess there was no conspiracy after all!   benghazi_scandal

“This report shows that there was no intelligence failure surrounding the Benghazi attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other brave Americans. Our investigation found the Intelligence Community warned about an increased threat environment, but did not have specific tactical warning of an attack before it happened, … which is consistent with testimony that the attacks appeared to be opportunistic.”  (from the Washington Post story of the report)

This comes after they lied about what previous reports had said, and after it was proven that the Obama administration was correct about the reason for the attack.

Aren’t you glad they spent millions of your dollars investigating nothing?  Well, don’t you worry your head, because prominent Republicans have vowed to continue to search for non-existent ghosts and continue to bash the President over this.   Fox News will continue to claim that there is a terrible scandal there somewhere and the only reason the rest of the media is ignoring it is because they are all subservient to Obama.  Benghazi will continue so long as it can be used to rile up the party faithful and get them to donate to the GOP.

The 300 Person March

The tea party planned a huge 30 million person rally yesterday, in which they would demand that the President and all of Congress resign so they could install whatever. You can see how it was all over the news today. Um, well, maybe not. They ended up with about 300. Just 29,999,700 short! 

Here’s a video of their planning session:

Those who were there were as active as ever, with their “Impeach Obama” signs and others that just said “Benghazi” as if that explained everything.

They were predominately white and elderly (the Fox News demographic, where the average age of viewers is 68) who hate socialism and socialized medicine.  They were in good shape thanks to medicare and could afford to travel to Washington thanks to Social Security.

Of course, these people have the right to protest — but this particular protest was ridiculous. They demand that everyone in American government must resign so that new people will be appointed who will “obey the Constitution” — according to who?  Who gets to decide who gets appointed?  Who determines whether someone is obeying the Constitution?  (This is a common argument among those who really don’t think it through.)

These are people who lost the election and cannot accept that. They can’t see that other people might have different views (and, I might point out, the majority of Americans disagree with them on just about every single issue.) In their world view, everyone who has a different opinion is evil, wrong, and undermining the Constitution.

I will admit that they at least are not advocating the violent overthrow of the government. But the basics are the same. One of the main speakers there yesterday spoke in support of that Bundy rancher who does not accept the legitimacy of the US government.

And the crowd cheered.  Such patriots!

(That was sarcasm.)